Nikias Skapinakis, of Greek origin, was born in Lisbon in 1931. He frequented the architecture course which he abandoned to devote himself to painting,
an activity which he regularly maintained until the present.
In addition to oil painting, as a dominant activity he was dedicated to lithography, serigraphy and the illustration of books. Amongst other works, he
illustrated “Quando os lobos uivam” (When wolves howl) by Aquilino Ribeiro (Bertrand Bookshop, 1958) and “Andamento holandês” by Vitorino Nemésio
(National Press, 1983). He carried out lithographs for the Congress on the Psychoanalysis of Romance Languages (1968) and for the Fiftieth Anniversary
of Banco Português do Atlântico (1969). He carried out serigraphies for Kompass (1973). He was the author of one of the panels at the café “A Brasileira
do Chiado” (1971) and took part in the implementation of the commemorative panel dated June 10th 1974.
In 1963 he won the Malhoa Scholarship from the S.N.B.A. In 1976-77 he was given a research subsidy by the F.C.G..




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