Born in Oporto, he graduated in Painting from the E.S.B.A.P. in 1963, a school where he became a teacher. He was a founding member of the Árvore
Cooperative and a co-founder of the magazine for arts “Landscape” (Landscape). He gained two scholarships from the F.C.G., one in 1966 for study visits
th to Europe, the other in 1978 to research “Realism in the 20 century”.
The work of Domingos Pinho evolved with a geometrisation which , in the 1960's, became abstraction. In this decade he was dedicated to material and
gestual research which he later abandoned, opting for meticulous realism which features everyday objects. The rigorousness of the image combines with
its strangeness, relating “hyper-realism” with “metaphysical painting”. As from the mid-1980's and during the 1990's there is a return to brushstrokes of
an almost expressionist nature.




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