Carlos Carneiro, the son of the painter António Carneiro, he studied at the Oporto Academy, where he was a disciple of Marques de Oliveira, not having
completed the painting course. He began to go on display in the 1920's with the second modernist generation, having from the very outset adopted his
elegant, stylised features, the clear tone of his pallet, the mundane nature of his motifs and snobbish, refined dominant taste. In drawing and in water
colours he proved to be a virtuoso, having also left behind oils of great sensitivity. In a bringing together of generations, he worked on numerous
magazines (Magazine Bertrand, Civilisation, inter alia). His career path was characterised by a great personal freedom, alternating between stays in
Oporto and in Paris, his great passion, which was to remain alive in his latest works the great Cathedrals of the start of the 1970's.




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