Born in Lisbon, he studied at the E.S.B.A.L. where he completed the course in 1921. He left for Paris at the end of his academic studies and frequented the
“Grande Chaumière” and “Colarossi”. He carried out numerous illustrations, posters, figurines for the theatre and ballet and worked on magazines of the
time. He is the author of a vast number of mural panels in Portugal and abroad. Carlos Botelho was part of the Portuguese modernist movement,
absorbing all the elegance and stylisation of drawing. His main works were landscapes and portraits. If, on occasion, it is touched by “naif” aspects and if,
at times, abstractionism was a temptation, what is for sure is that what made him stand out from his generation of artists was a certain expressionist,
energetic and dissenting slant, which is borne out in his work.




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