th Armando Basto, born in Oporto, studied at the Oporto Academy of Fine Arts (1903-10) before leaving for Paris in the second decade of the 20 century,
remaining there until 1914. He took part in exhibitions of humorists and worked on newspapers. He lived at “Cité Falguière”. In Oporto he had studied
sculpture, drawing and architecture and had already published satirical pamphlets. He returned to Oporto in 1915. he was an entertainer at the Salão dos
Fantasistas in Oporto in 1916 and endeavoured to found a group of Independents in the previous year.
His work is characteristic of the first modernist generation, having being developed around portraits, features of the interior the studio, landscapes
and urban situations, always worked on with a clear palette and a chromatism with excellent reconciliation in terms of tone and timbre.




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