Abel Salazar, born in Guimarães, was a doctor and a scientist who gained his PhD in 1915 and dedicated the majority of his life to scientific research,
in particular as the director of the Institute of Histology and Embryology. He also practised the plastic arts caricature, sculpture, painting, engraving and
relief in copper, without any specific training. He also carried out works in art criticism, philosophy and aesthetics and published various titles in this
The first stage of pictorial production of Abel Salazar bore testimony to his admiration for impressionism. In the 1930's he began a new stage in his
career, opting for broad brush strokes with light and shade of great density which moulded his canvases to a mute, dark monochromatism. Markets,
fairs and female figures at work dominate his works which made him a kind of forerunner of the neo-realist movement according to some authors.



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